How much time do you and your employees lose searching for information and documents? When the information is finally found, is it up-to-date, reliable and linked to other relevant information? Does your IT environment allow your teams to collaborate and design solutions quickly and easily by sharing business content? Can you easily automate your operational workflows?

Effectively managing business content gets the right information to the right people at the right time. Business Advantage Consulting has been designing and implementing content management models for more than a decade. Our solutions have dramatically improved business performance and customer service response times.

Our proven content management services include:

  • Designing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) models
  • Preparing for and managing the conversion of paper documents to very high quality electronic images
  • Effectively converting hundreds of millions of historical documents (paper, microfiche, microfilm, photographs) into high-quality, easy-to-find electronic images
  • Designing and implementing automated workflow solutions within ECM environments
  • Implementing proven methods and tools for effectively managing content and workflow in a wide variety of ECM platforms (e.g., FileNet, Documentum, Alfresco and SharePoint)

Our content management professionals can eliminate barriers and allow creative collaboration to thrive throughout your organization, resulting in stunning performance improvements.

CalPERS Historical Member Document Imaging

Content Management, caipersBusiness Advantage Consulting developed and managed the historical member document imaging project scope, schedule, budget, risk management and quality assurance plan. Services included process design, system requirements definition, importing system development, and developing business procedures and training materials. Business Advantage Consulting developed the business case and overall implementation strategy for the document conversion; analyzed the existing content management system, developed business requirements and helped in high-level design sessions; assessed the existing document repositories and developed conversion recommendations for a new document management system. Responsibilities included accurately assessing all member-based documents, developing a conversion plan, and establishing a conversion quality plan for millions of paper documents.

CalSTRS Reduce Files at Move

Content Management, calstrsProvided project management, business analysis and system development services for upgrading CalSTRS content management platform as well as expand the use and adoption of the content management solution to a true enterprise-wide implementation to 27 divisions. Responsible for gathering requirements and development of a non-member record ECMS solution. Services included, process modifications, system modification, testing, training support, implementation and post-implementation support. In addition, planned, managed, conducted quality assurance and conversion vendor oversight services to convert more than 10,000,000 paper, film and fiche records to digital content.

CalHFA - Home Ownership

Content Management, calHFAManaged the project team responsible for developing a new Loan Origination system comprised of five distinct applications to replace CalHFA’s legacy loan origination system. Provided project management and oversight for the technology vendor to ensure the system was successfully designed, developed, tested, and implemented. The project also included converting and validating well over 40,000,000 data records, utilizing comprehensive data conversion and sample plans. Interfaced regularly with Executive and Senior level staff to provide status reports and report on issues, risks and budget. Developed and managed project schedule which included developing a reporting system to effectively and dynamically track project progress.

CalPERS Employer and Health Records

Business Help, Placer CountyBusiness Advantage Consulting led an effort to incorporate digital employer and health based records into CalPERS’ existing content management system (CMS). We managed a cross-organizational team working in conjunction with the records management and legal department to rewrite the corporate record policies. We also designed an enterprise-wide indexing scheme to manage employer and health based records, enhanced the existing CMS to incorporate the new schema, and developed and implemented a plan to convert and load 3.5 million historic digital images into the CMS.


Business Consulting

Business Advantage Consulting designed a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) model architecture to improve efficiency and collaboration for processing real estate loan documents. The architectural design outlined more efficient methods for capturing, storing, retrieving and collaboratively processing business documents across the organization. Users included staff, clients and key third party administrators. Business Advantage Consulting also assisted the Agency to enhance their electronic record management governance. We also led multiple ECM-related projects to prepare and implement the system and provided change management services to prepare system users. Once implemented, Business Advantage assisted the Agency in securing a document conversion vendor and leading a historic backfile conversion of over 1 million Promissory Notes worth more than $66 Billion.

Employer Backfile - CalSTRS

Business Advantage Consulting led an effort to incorporate digital employer and health based records into an existing content management system (CMS).  Our team managed a cross-organizational team and worked in conjunction with the records management and legal department to rewrite CalSTRS corporate record policies.  Business Advantage Consulting designed an enterprise-wide indexing scheme to manage employer and health based records, enhanced the existing CMS to incorporate the new schema and developed a plan to convert and load 3.5 million historic digital images into the CMS.


Business Advantage Consulting currently manages a team of developers and a system analyst to support an enterprise record management system used to capture, store, retrieve and manage over 30 million secure inmate records.  The team’s operational responsibilities include system administration, production monitoring and tuning, issue management.  The team is also responsible for design and development of new system enhancements requested by the organization.


Business Advantage Consulting led a team comprised of software architects, system developers and system analysts to design, develop and implement a new enterprise content management system (ECMS) to manage over 50 million correspondence documents.  Business Advantage assisted Hewlett Packard in delivering this solution to the 18 counties managed through the CalWIN consortium.  Upon deployment, Business Advantage designed and developed a conversion process to migrate over 300 million historic correspondence documents to the new system.


Content Management, apple-606761_640

Business Advantage Consulting’s team members have successfully supported very large implementations of imaging and ECM initiatives for public and private sector clients. Some of our California clients include:

— CA Public Employees’ Retirement System

— CA State Teachers’ Retirement System

— CA Housing Finance Agency

— CA Air Resources Board

— Hewlett Packard Enterprise / CalWIN

— Hewlett Packard Enterprise / County of San Diego

— Hewlett Packard Enterprise / SOMS